Vial of Life Program

The Vial of Life program is a voluntary program whereby you keep medical information on family members written down and stored in a vial kept in your refrigerator. It is a program used throughout the U.S. and is highly recommended by emergency services agencies. The intent is to ensure that emergency services personnel can access lifesaving information if you or a family member are the victim of an emergency and can’t speak.

The Big Country Neighborhood Association promotes this service for your safety. Your “kit”, available from your Neighborhood Watch block captain, contains copies of the emergency data form (formatted to fit in one 8.5×14 sheet), a vial, and sample notices. To use the system, simply fill out one form for each family member and store them in the vial. Store the vial on the top shelf of your refrigerator door (not the freezer), on the side closest to the hinge. That is where emergency response personnel have been told to look.

Local emergency agencies will know that Big Country is a “Vial of Life” neighborhood; in fact, you may have already noticed the sign near the entrance to Big Country.

You should update the forms as needed, but at least semiannually; we suggest you update when changing to and from daylight savings time. Even if you have no changes, be sure to change the “date updated” block. We also recommend that you use pencil to simplify updates. The North Hays County EMS personnel also strongly urge you to display Vial of Life notices near entries where they would readily be seen by emergency personnel. We have provided sample notices on a single sheet of card stock; you can cut these out and use them as you wish.

We sincerely hope you will take advantage of this free, life-saving service. In the spirit of neighbors helping neighbors, we are pleased to be able to provide it.