Rainwater Harvesting

by Toli Lerios


The best introduction to rainwater harvesting is the Texas Water Development Board’s Rainwater Harvesting Page. They also publish a very informative Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting.

An alternative introduction is Rainwater Collection For the Mechanically Challenged, by TankTown’s Richard Heinichen.

For information on related groundwater issues, visit the website of the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District.


The following vendors offer rainwater collection tanks and supplies.

  • Hendrix tanks: concrete tanks, built on-site. There is a concrete maker nearby to deliver mixed concrete near Dripping Springs (less than 15 miles away).
  • Tank Town: delivery charges are now $250 for most tanks, $450 for the 168” tanks. They also offer a 15.6×14 (20000 gal) tank for $9,750 (w/o tax and delivery).
  • Triple “S” Feeds: delivery charges are at most $40 per trip (a single trip can carry 2-3 tanks). Their contact point is Gordon Swenson at (512) 507 0679.